Vintage Comic Book Purse - Captain Universe 1980

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Vintage Marvel Captain Universe 1980
Vintage Comic Book Purse - Captain Universe 1980
Beautiful premium variegated navy blue and green leather insert
Vintage Captain Universe back cover features The Mystery of Mister E!
Uni-Power fans, activate! This is a one of a kind, 100% handcrafted vintage comic book purse made out of an original Captain Universe Marvel comic from November 1980. This purse is constructed with a laminated graphic attached to black wood veneer and then hand riveted with coordinating brushed grey metal rivets. The side and bottom panels are made with a beautiful, premium navy blue and light blue mottled leather insert and the straps are a functional and sturdy black mesh style. This unique purse measures approximately 7" wide by 10 1/2" in height. Be the first to get your Captain Universe purse from KB Vintage Designs!

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