Welcome to KB Vintage Designs! Come on in and browse through our awesome collections of unique and one of a kind products. Looking for a custom purse or gift for someone special? Take a look at our slideshow for a glimpse into some of our purses that were made especially for YOU!

Fun, Funky & Recycled Stuff!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my shop, KB Vintage Designs! I am excited to finally build my creative ideas into fun products, that I hope have as great of an impact on those who buy them as they do on me, when I design and create them. 

I have always wanted to take some of these cool things from the past and give them new purpose and new life for those who also appreciate and remember those bygone decades. KB Vintage Designs was born from my love of everything "old" and vintage and the belief that others would want to use or wear a piece of that history.

My journey down the creative path for repurposing items has been in the works conceptually since 2010, but in 2018, I finally made the leap of faith to turn my ideas into handcrafted products. My family and friends have provided a huge amount of support, love and business, and for that, I am extremely thankful.